Coding for Artists – Outlines and Introductions

With a number of outlines in hand, on the computer, I am ready to start laying out a more detailed framework for the course. The grading rubrics for each of the projects have been roughed out and will need to be reviewed again as the final project descriptions are created.

Working to align all the standards from both CollegeBoard Art AP and the Computer Science Teacher Association (CSTA) has been a challenge but I believe the final weekly projects should meet they easily. It is still a little difficult to tell without real students to work with in this project.

Up next I need to figure out the “introductions” section of the course to greet and welcome students to the tools they will be using. Logo Made with Code


Code Is Everywhere. Or at least I see it everywhere.

I recently gave out some nice stickers to my higher level coding students and while going through some of the particulars of how to make rounded rectangle shapes in Processing’s p5.js framework when I realized we were making the base elements of the logo.

This is a pretty basic version that we played with in openProcessing before we moved it to our own hosting to import a font with rounded edges.

To view version 0.1 of the logo:

To view the code:  See it here on Github