Ethics Statement

The primary purpose of the UrbanAtWork site is to share information about my explorations in the field of technology education including my graduate school project portfolio. The site is built on personally install version of the popular open source WordPress software and has no extra tools associated to track user traffic or collect user data.

The site is openly accessible to the public and any person commenting on the site will find that comments are held for approval to ensure that they are appropriate for all ages and audiences.

Having worked in education technology for more than 20 years I am very sensitive to the privacy of my students and their data. I will strive to make all of the learning environments a safe for younger and older learners alike.

In the graduate portfolio project “Code Your Own Adventure” there is the expectation that the students participating in the course will use YouTube, Google Docs, and login to tool called (which you can login to via a Google account). All of these sites follow Google’s privacy policies for individuals and for k-12 students the Google for Education privacy policy applies.

The learning management system (LMS) used in the portfolio project is Open edX and it is hosted by Although these accounts are private, user email addresses are collected there in order to create accounts and participate in the micro-course. If students want documentation of completing the micro-course then other personal information will be required. No other tracking or person data is collected without the participants knowledge. Any work posted in the LMS by the participants remains theirs. Any work posted that already has a copyright will need to be cited appropriately.

Learners that engage in the the Code Your Own Adventure python course are responsible for not breaking and policies at their place of work or school and should check with their respective institutions or instructors to be sure they are in compliance.

If any participate wants to have their information removed from the learning community at any time they may request it via email or the troubleshooting discussion group.